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Braids are a low-maintenance, gorgeous styling option that never goes out of fashion. The braiding experts at Ginger's Beauty Salon have been applying and helping clients to maintain their braided styles for years. With a wide variety of styling options and designs to choose from, our talented stylists will help you to find a braided style that will make you feel cool and confident.

We are the braiding experts you’ve been looking for. For great prices, dedicated stylists, and beautiful braided results contact our hair braiding salon now at (225) 623-8058 and set up a consultation!

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Skillful Braiding Salon Team

Our talented stylists have been creating braided hairstyles for men and women for several years. Our passion and expertise have allowed us to build up a wonderful reputation for quality braids and friendly service.

The braiding process can take as long as a few hours to complete, but our team will try their best to make sure you feel right at home in our fun and relaxing studio space.

Our team knows how difficult it can be to choose the right braiding style for you, that’s why we always keep up-to-date on the latest hair trends and techniques to make sure you have unlimited styling options.

Braiding Services for Men and Women

Creating beautiful and timeless braided hair that men and women love is what we do best. We are always adding to our list of services and offer braid repair as well as application.

Some of our most popular styles include:

  • Cornrow Braids - Cornrow braids are braided along the scalp of the head using one’s natural hair. Cornrows look great by themselves but are also commonly used to attach extensions to the head.
  • Box Braids - This style consists of three-stranded braids that are very thick and boxy. This style will often require the use of extensions to get the desired thickness.
  • Twists - Braids created with two strands of hair twisted together.
  • Singles - Long, semi-thin single braids often accomplished by braiding long extensions.
  • Crochet Braids - Crochet braiding is a method of attaching faux hair to the crown of the head. Crochet braids are applied in a pattern that allows extensions and weaves to look natural! This method uses a crochet needle.

To find out more about our different styling options, call to set up a consultation.

Booking an Appointment at Our Braiding Salon Is Quick

If you are interested in our braiding services, we invite you to call the studio or stop by to set up your consultation today. Consultation processes are essential because they give us a chance to see your natural hair and determine what braiding options will look and feel the best.

During the consultation process, we can discuss prices and appointment duration. Since many of our braiding services can take up to several hours to complete, it is important to get an idea of how long you will have to be at the salon so you can arrange accordingly.

Providing our clients with comprehensive consultation services is another way that we put the needs and concerns of our customers first.

The Best Local Hair Braiding Salon

Set up a consultation with our fabulous team today to find out what braiding options would work best with your unique style and texture.

Our talented and dedicated team look forward to giving you the braids you’ve always wanted!

Call us for a consultation now at (225) 623-8058!

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Contact our professional hair braiding technicians for more tips and a detailed consultation prior to your appointment.

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